DFG Leather Gloves F1090


Invest in a pair of boxing gloves that won’t quit. Layered with ConvEX Skin Combat Leather outer, these matte black boxing gloves are more than just batter-resistant – they’re indestructible.

  • Dynamite gloves are made from Synthetic Leather to resist the extreme punishment. With a tri layered shock absorption and Synthetic leather durability these gloves have no match.
  • It has a wide closure for a better grip around the wrist. The special shock absorption technology provides augmented protection for hands in the ring and training sessions. It incorporates special anti-microbial properties which keeps the hands dry and safe.
  • It incorporates the Nano-Spores technology for ventilation which keeps the hands dry and soaks the moisture. The strategically placed vented holes in the palm mesh allows the fresh air to have contact with the hand which keep the hands relaxed while long sparring sessions.
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S 10OZ
M 12OZ
L 14OZ
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